PirateFleet for Friends: Battle Your Friends on the High Seas

Who doesn’t love pirates? A new game called PirateFleet for Friends, by UnitedToy, lets you battle your friends in a game of sinking ships and snatching treasure.

PirateFleet for Friends can best be described as a mix between Hanging With Friends and Battleship. You play against your online friends in a series of games involving the sinking of your opponent’s ships. Arg, matey!

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track How I Deal
artist Dwele ft. Slum Village
album W.Ants W.Orld W.Omen (W.W.W.)


DreamBoard: Is Now Free For All!

I have friends who’ve all hit up the Android market and I also have BlackBerry friends who point and laugh at my iPhone. The Android friends claim their homescreen setup it much cooler than the iPhones’ and the BlackBerry friends brag about BBM. I say “bite me” to both set of friends. This new Cydia tweak ignores WinterBoard completely and sets a whole new level for iPhone themeing. What you can’t see in the picture above is the amazing animation for the weather widget. The clouds smoothly glide across your homescreen and all sorts of madness.

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SpringBoard Invaders: Brings Arcade Fun Right to Your iPhone

A true waste of battery power but an extreme use of your time when you have plenty on your hands. Imagine firing apps at other apps that fall down on the screen! Just tilt your phone from side to side and tap where you want to shoot. Endless minutes of fun!

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NewContact: Allows You To Add Contacts Using Gestures

Do you always find yourself struggling to rush into your contacts app to add a phone number when you meet someone new?

Doing so can be somewhat of a clunky affair, especially if you need to do so while in a hurry. This new tweak will save the day:

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track Egypt Strut
artist Salah Ragab and The Cairo Jazz Band
album Egyptian Jazz

FakeCarrier: Rename Your Carrier And Your Clock

This is what we’ve all been waiting for. A while back when I was using the 3GS, there was a Cydia tweak called MakeItMine which let you change both the carrier name and the clock to anything you’d like (e.g. my carrier name [top left] is now WOMiP). Once the iPhone 4 came out, for some reason MIM no longer worked. So after a quick search yesterday, I came across this:

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Wraparound: Brings Infinate Swiping to Your iPhone’s Home Screen

Here’s a tweak that makes your think “why didn’t Apple think of that?”. It’s extremely simple and effective. Normally when you’re scrolling/swiping through your icon pages, once you hit the last page, you’re restricted from going any further. Why? Why can’t you just keep going through until you reach page 1 again? Well now you can.

If you notice in the picture above, I am going from my spotlight search to the last page of icons.

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SBSettings: A Quick Menu To Save Your Time

Ah yes. This is a time saving tweak. It allows you to quickly switch on/off your: 3G, WiFi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Brightness, Data as well as viewing active processes. You can also setup a quick dock which lists your favorite apps in a row. I guess this is all self explanatory from the picture above. But I guess I just had to write it.

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track Millennium Dodo
artist Atmosphere
album The Family Sign